Wedding Photo Collage

February 14th, 2012

This is finally up and finished – I wanted to put our wedding picture in a collage and hang it up on the wall for awhile now. But never got into this project – this project was harder than I thought because there was so many pictures to pick from and to put together. It was quite hard at first. I did four of these collages for our wall. One is our pre-wedding photos, wedding morning and church event, wedding reception, and our lives for the past three years. I’m actually pretty impress with my work and it looks pretty nice on the wall now!

We have a friend that took their wedding pictures at philadelphia wedding photography studio did the same collage as us. I hope in our future home – our walls would be full of our memories. Not every wall but I would definitely find a wall for all these memories that we created. It’s amazing that – within 3.5 years – Hub and I created so many memories already. I know there will be many many more years of memories to go.

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