Pregnancy Lifestyle

February 25th, 2012

What do you think? My cheeks got a lot chubbier than before eh? All because of this pregnancy life. I hope to go back normal once little Jayden is out from my stomach. It’s been a couple months that I haven’t worn my diamond engagement ring and wedding band because of how swollen my fingers are. I hope it will go back to normal but if my fingers remain as chubby – that’s fine too because I bought insurance for these rings and it could be adjusted. But let’s just hope my fingers will go back to my normal size because I don’t want chubby fingers. See what pregnancy can do to a women? Hub said he wanted to upgrade my ring to a vatche diamond ring – but I would rather save that kind of money for a down payment for a house. I know every women loves diamonds and there’s a quote that says “diamond is a girl’s best friend”. I just don’t think it’s necessary for him to get me another diamond ring right now when we can save the money for better things right now. I don’t mind him getting me it when we have extra money but our priority is different now. I just want to stay away from the jewelry store for a couple years till we own our first home.

Our priorities change when we have a kid now – no longer “only” about us anymore. I was just thinking about this last night – how it’s going to be hard holding hands when we have a kid – because one will be moving the stroller and one will be busy taking care of this little baby. So much changes in our lives – I’m going to enjoy these two weeks of just being with my husband. I’m not a fan of sharing attentions but eventually I’ll adapt to it. If you don’t know me well enough – I am an attention seeker and I love being the only one getting the attention. Really not a fan of sharing – but I gotta get used to it right?

Just two more weeks left and this little one will be out of my tummy and meeting everyone around him. I kind of want him out but I kind of don’t. It’s just this mixed feeling – I’m just not ready to go through the PAIN! That’s all I’ve been thinking about. I was told not to think about the pain – but how could I not right? Labour is the most painfullest thing on this planet and I can’t believe I’m doing this! What was I thinking in the first place right? Maybe I do deserve a new diamond ring after all – just kidding!

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