Baby Shower Dirty Diaper Game

February 12th, 2012

I went “awww” when we open our first package of diapers. They are just so tiny and cute! I can’t believe this baby is coming very soon and soon enough – I’ll be holding our little love creation. He is created by our love! I know my hubby will be the best daddy in the world. He’s already thinking of what toys to get this little one. I think I would be the meaner and stricter one though.

Anyways – getting back to the baby shower dirty diaper game! I wanted this to be easy – so I got easier chocolates. Instead of dark chocolate and milk chocolate. That would be a lot harder eh? I’m glad the guests had a lot of fun playing this game – I used 6 chocolates and melted it inside the diaper. But it looks like not everyone got the right answers! *hahahah* but overall – they had fun smelling it from the diaper.

These were the little gift bags I created for the winners. I created about 15 bags – just in case half the people got the answer! Overall – it was a fun game. But let me tell you which chocolate was the hardest to figure out! It was Mr. Big! If you want this game to be a little harder – buy chocolate without the crackers in it!

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  1. cath says:

    congrats! when the little one arriving? pink or blue?

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