Hubbys’ belated Birthday/Christmas present

January 28th, 2014

love 14

Anyone know when the PS4 is back in stock?!? I’ve been waiting for a month and I’m getting impatient here. I’m already looking at an espana guitar at musicians friend for the hubby instead of getting him the PS4. I should of really plan this in advance and have it preordered but I didn’t realize it really does go out of stock for this long. Next time I will know for sure that I’ll need to preorder it!

The Face Shop Masks – Avocado/Acai Berry/Blueberry

January 25th, 2014

love 07

Got these for Christmas from the girlfriend of mine. It was my first time trying these and I quite like it. The Face Shop is getting quite popular here – it’s a Korean skincare/makeup shop. I’ve been to the one at Pacific Mall just to browse. The prices is quite reasonable. I’ll be purchasing more of these masks. The last time I saw – these masks were selling for $2.00CAD a sheet and if you buy 10 of them – you get 5 free. So basically 15 masks = $20+tax = $1.13 per mask. About the same prices as “My Beauty Diary” masks.

Shopping for a 2 year old Birthday present

January 20th, 2014

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Look at this cutie pie shopping for his second birthday present! We were thinking about getting him an excellent yamaha keyboard for his second birthday but realized that we’ll wait till our Munchkin tell us that he’s interested in it before we get it. We don’t want to force him in anything that he doesn’t want to do. Unless it’s swimming and school related. We just want him to enjoy being a kid.

Chinese New Year – Rilakkuma Tree

January 15th, 2014

love 01

It’s been almost a month away from my blogs! I gotta admit – I’ve became quite lazy with blogging but I must get back to my daily work and stopping missing all these assignments that were given to me. Ever since I started scrapbooking when I was pregnant – I realized – I do love arts and crafts! It’s just that I can’t draw but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy other parts of arts and crafts too.

love 02 love 03

I love cutting and gluing things. I made these little Chinese new year stamps for my white Christmas tree – now turned to my Chinese New Year fortune tree. All I did was printed out these pictures, paste it on a harder piece of cardboard, and tape a quarter behind it for weights. Than ta-da! Took a couple of hours to make but a pretty fun DIY project.

DIY Chinese New Year Candy Gift Baskets

January 10th, 2014

love 11

Looking through reid supply catalog – I thought of another idea of what to gift for the relatives/friends’ families this year. Ideas come out of nowhere sometimes and I love being creative. Last year I did something similar to this but except – I didn’t decorate the box. I left it red and plain. This year I added the “fook” in and added much more Chinese New Year snacks. It was a fun project – last step is to wrap up the baskets and then it’ll be ready to go!

Byebye Christmas 2013

January 5th, 2014

That is right – all the Christmas decorations are down and on to the Chinese New Year decors. I got lazy last year and only did half the Christmas decorations. This is only half of the unboxed ones. We have exactly 6-7 big boxes of Christmas decors stored in our store room. I cannot imagine where we will store it in the future moving out of this house and into a smaller house/condo. We probably need to rent a storage. Christmas alone has 6-7 boxes, not counting Halloween, New Years, and Chinese New Year decorations. Crazy much? I treat it like a hobby :) .

love 05

When November hits – I’m the one that puts up the decorations. I like to put up earliest as possible – so I can look at it longer. So roughly – it stays up for almost 3 months. Not too bad right?

love 06

This year I got all the boxes labelled and categorized – so it’ll be easier for me to find things by the end of the year. Can’t wait till 2014 Christmas! Our Munchkins’ third Christmas!

Pink & Purple Workout Weights

December 25th, 2013


Don’t they look pretty? Purple & Pink things makes me happy and that is the color of my home. Everything – well mostly everything is pink and purple! I just love a lot of colors – I hope these weights will motivate me to work out more because of the color. lol.


Got these as a gift – a birthday/Christmas gift :) I’m a spoil girl!